CMTAG T-shirts Child Collectors Limited release Pre-Sale (monkey) (3c43822)

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CMTAG T-shirts Child Collectors Limited release Pre-Sale (monkey) (3c43822)


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Type of Shirts Toddlers, Children, Youth


CMTAG T-shirts Child Collectors Limited release Pre-Sale (monkey) (3c43822)

CMTAG is a #nft brand in association with focused on creating education learning experiences that reflect a lifetime. This first series of pictures book enriches the learning experience by using audible sounds in language and movement that children use well into adulthood. A series concentrates on lifetime sports done with animals as a fun way to share the experience with children and adults.

The children's book was designed from the experience one of its authors had at the Museo Rafael Coronel in Zacatecas, MX. "I walked in the museum while waiting for my flight to leave, and 4 hours later, he walked out wanting to do a children's picture book that not only appealed to the inner child of adults but equally, to children." Michael distributed his first draft to close internal friends, giving him the confidence to move forward.

Co-Author (Coach M.)

 Coach M., an accomplished gymnast and more as a coach at ASU, had at first pitched the book concept with his mentor, Coach Don Robinson, an accomplished artist and motivational speaker at ASU. Still, with his sudden death, they could never accomplish that mutual goal. After 20 years of coaching, Coach M. decided to pursue other opportunities with his physical education and computer engineering degree. After his alma mater won their only NCAA Men's Gymnastics Champion, he was an assistant coach.

Co-Author (Miss Tina)

A fellow comedian with whom Cooac M. tests all his jokes first, Tina McCrory ( CCC-SLP,, had recently started teaching children language skills online, joined him after they saw the perfect wedding of the twos goals. Teach in a fun way that helps people for a lifetime.

Miss Tina (CCC-SLP) is our speech-language pathologist who guides us with the learning process. Please ask her any questions, and you can check out her website.

Tina has worked with children of all kinds worldwide, including India and Nepal. She has a passion for helping kids reach their unique communication potential. She and her Mainecoon cat live in New Orleans, where she loves writing, kayaking, baking, live comedy, and music.

#3MOF /

One of the sponsors for this project collaborates with and out of the #CDMX. Michael, a dual citizen Mexican and US Citizen moved there in 2021 to pursue and develop his independent streaming platform and the platform that is delivering this site. The goal was to bring fresh ideas in a nontraditional way.

Coach M.'s Message:

"When I thought of the ideas of 3MOF, I quickly went back to my history as an athlete coach at ASU, where I met CEO PEP Cooney of channel 12 in Phoenix, Arizona. I taught his son gymnastics, became family friends, and traveled with their son Sean Cooney to the 1982 World Gymnaestrada as athlete and coach representing ASU and the USA. The event taught me both how sport can transcend politics and share the love of movement amongst all people."

"When I chose the number 3 in the logo, I did so as a joke of well. 'It isn't  8 nor 1 or 2?' A year after choosing the number for my logo, I was surprised to see that in numerology, ot means: Wealth of knowledge, peace, wisdom, harmony. While establishing myself in Mexico City, a follower on Instagram asked me to do a piece on the Quetzalcoatl cornerstone in a historic building close to my home. After studying the ancient Mesoamerican god, I stay moved by the rich history of the city I am now calling home."

"It is with pride and love I begin this series at I ask everyone to buy the shirts and spread the works of love that MissTina and I bring forward. In the future, other athletes will be coming forward with activities such as Kettle Bells, Basket Ball Slam dunk mascots, and others that choose to join our message'"   

"Wealth of knowledge, peace, wisdom, harmony."


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